Nomad Kid Girls Range Hair Styling Wax – 50g


NOMAD GIRLS RANGE WAX is a natural product made from natures most versatile plants, soy, coconut and added almond for scalp nourishment, and now with tea tree oil for lice prevention.  The hair wax comes in a 50g pocket size reusable, slide lid, tin container. It has a soft pliable hold so you can change styles if needed. It has a mild shine and can hold up thick, thin, straight or curly hair. In its element on up do’s and eliminating fly away’s.  It washes out very well in a warm shower or bath. There’s also the added bonus of smelling like coconuts all day!

You won’t find fragrances or dyes, chemicals or parabens.  In fact! it is the most natural hair wax on the market. It is also gentle, conditioning and super versatile! We use it on cuts, dry lips, dry skin and eyebrows!

Suitable for all ages.

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